Love Letters

Hi Tessa,

Everything went well. Thank you!  🙂
Sorry, but who were the two people that came over?  They were very nice and cleaned everything very well.  She even took out some recycling for me.  And he changed the light bulbs in the hall ceiling fixture that I was not able to reach.  And my Kitchen and Bathroom look great.  🙂
I met Jaclynn today as well. She seems very nice.  We will be getting together soon to do some organizing.  🙂
Hello Brandy,
Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am!
Arianna and Katrina are two very fine ladies who sure know how to get the job done.
Their work ethic is amazing. A first I have seen in the cleaning business.
I feel like I have won the lottery …. and am doing a little dance!
With many many thanks,

Many years ago, a friend of ours, recently retired from the NHL, stayed at our home while building his own. Much to his regret he misplaced his Stanley cup ring, which proved impossible to replace. Recently our Neat and Tidy cleaners unearthed the ring in area below a built-in wine rack, where it had lain for 11 years. Need anything more be said about their thoroughness as well as their integrity?



I have been a weekly customer for over 2 years now. I am always pleased with my house after they have come and I will continue to use them. I have recommended them to friends and family who are also pleased with their work. I like that they use organic homemade products so not only is my house always clean but it is healthy. The team that comes is usually the same and so they fit in nicely with the pattern of my household. Brandy is always available to answer my questions and she is also accepting of changes to my schedule or needs. I will continue to recommend Neat and Tidy to anyone.

Thank you,


Hi Brandy,
Thanks so much. I just wanted to express again, my appreciation and kudos to you and your team for an amazing job on our townhouse. I was so relieved to walk through the doors the other night after the girls had been there. It looks immaculate and it smells amazing. It really took a lot of the stress off of me and in my opinion, was money very well spent. I also felt good knowing that you use pet and eco-friendly products and that you are a locally-owned company.
If I need future cleaning done, be sure I will contact Neat & Tidy for assistance.


Thank you Brandy.

I don’t know if the ladies told you but I had a migraine that day and the ladies were very nice, very professional and did an excellent job.   I was feeling so overwhelmed with the housecleaning and now I have a starting point in which to keep it up, thanks to them.   Thank you again and I will certainly be calling again and giving your business name to my friends.

PS the pups really liked the ladies as well.

Thank you,


Thank you!  I was very impressed with the great job!  They did an excellent cleaning job and your two staff members were very professional and friendly.  Also, when I phoned to book your services the staff member on the phone was very pleasant and flexible.  I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know.  Thanks again!