Vacation Rentals

Neat and Tidy Vacation Rental Cleaning works very closely with rental agencies and people who own vacation homes in the Victoria area. We send one Neat and TIdy Housekeeper only for each job as it takes a while to finish the laundry. This way while the laundry is washing your home is being cleaned making the most of time and saving you money.

Our Vacation Home Cleaning Services are exclusive to owners in the Victoria area.

To prepare for your next guest we will do the following:

  1.  All of the areas in the home will be cleaned and sanitized.
  2.  All fridges will be cleaned and food items disposed of.
  3.  Bed, bath and kitchen linens will be washed and replaced.
  4.  Trash will be emptied and disposed of.
  5.  Furniture will be wiped/vacuumed.
  6.  Tubs will be checked and cleaned.
  7.  Garage and patio will be swept.
  8.  BBQ cleaned.

Our cleaning specialist will look for any damages if any or excessive mess left by guests. We will then take images and report back to the owner.

Is your rental ready for guests?